Who Is Who

Who Is Who

Dr. Laxmi Pathak


Dr. Amod Pokhrel

Special Collaborator

Scientist Narayan Ghimire

Deputy Coordinator

Lawyer Mr. Dilli Bhatta

Chair: COVID-19 Impact in Economy

Dr. Shyam Thapa, USA

Chair: Public Health and Medicine

Dr. Manoj Karkee, USA

Chair: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Technology and Knowledge Sharing

Dr. Krishna Hari Gautam, Canada

Chair: Agriculture, Forestry and Related Areas

Engineer Kedar Shrestha, Canada

Chair: Engineering, Infrastructure Development, and Public Safety

ICU Nurse Parwati Pandey, Canada

Chair: Knowledge and Skills in Nursing Practice

Sahaj Man Shrestha, USA

Chair: Energy, Environment, Science & Technology

Chair: Dr. Hari Gurung, Canada

Education, Social Empowerment, and Equitable Development